Memdos KMS

Memdos KMS

The MEMDOS KMS Motor piston diaphragm dosing pump is designed as a modular pump that can be built to meet a wide range of applications. 

The range covers from dose rates of 6 – 1536 l/h and back pressures up to 25 bar.  

Ease of installation

  • Quick diaphragm change possible
  • No zero-point correction with dismantling of the piston flange required
High flexibility
  • The rational structure requires only a minimum of spare parts storage
  • The addition of a second dosing unit to the drive produces a double head pump, the MEMDOS ZKMS.
  • Thanks to its symmetrical form, the piston flange can be installed on the left-hand or right-hand side of the simple pump. This ensures an economical and compact system design.
  • With the addition of only four stud bolts, the dosing pump can be converted from manual stroke adjustment to electrical stroke adjustment.
  • Motors with multi-range voltage (220-240/380-420V, 50/60 Hz), a high degree of protection (IP55) and a high insulation class (F) are used for the drive. Special motors (ATEX) on request.
  • TÜV-checked pressure relief valves are integrated in all pumps; these prevent damage to the pump and the periphery. The pressure relief valves have been selected to match the pump capacity and the desired maximum pressure in the system.

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