Memdos Smart X - LDX, LAX, LPX

Memdos Smart X - LDX, LAX, LPX


The new generation of the stepper motor-driven diaphragm dosing pump MEMDOS SMART provides a wide range of attractive solutions for demanding dosing tasks.The new stepper motor technology permits high-accuracy dosing of even the smallest volumes.

The Memdos Smart X comes in 3 different variations depending on your application control and interface requirements and budget.  

Two sizes of the MEMDOS SMART series are available.

Small:  2.6 l/h at 20 bar to 30.7 l/h at 6 bar 
Large:  58.5 l/h at 10 bar to 182 l/h at 4 bar

Depending on the application, different dosing head materials and connections on the pressure and suction side can be used in the metering area. As standard the Smart X range comes with hose connectors to suit 4/6, 6/9, 6/12 and 13/20mm.  

Accessory sets consisting of hose, injection point and suction line are available for optimum results and quick installation.

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